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I have been a florist for the last 20 years creating fabulous, innovative designs for many top London florists, celebrities and blue chip companies, both here and abroad.

I have been creating stylish and unusual gifts for family and friends for many years and have at last decided to put my ideas into production.

I will be introducing new designs, styles and colours every few months so please keep coming back for a look.


Big thanks to Richard for his wonderful photography skills.

Decorative items in a cozy home interior. Wicker straw large bag, and decorative elements. Concepts of style and comfort.


These images show you how the protector fits easily into the back of the runner,and can be removed for washing. Once turned over it no longer shows, and the runner sits flat on the table.

I hope that this gives you a better understanding of how it works. 


Purchased a beautiful table runner..... looks lovely on my dining room table. The delivery and communication from the seller was super speedy.......
C. LeFever
We recently bought 2 Ragged Letters from Lizzy for our grandchildren's bedrooms. They are really well made and the children love them. Lizzy was very pleasant to deal with and we will be following her website from now on.
Mike and Carole Taylor
Just to let you know the table runner arrived by mail 3 days after placing my order. Very efficient and friendly service, thank you. The product is great and was a hit at a recent small dinner gathering we held.
Roger D